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We help businesses harness the power of blockchain for innovative financial solutions, bringing investors together for impactful investments.


MUIAA Limited is a financial technology company that fosters a familial bond among investors, customize business solutions, and drive economic growth through blockchain.

As we embrace the digital era, we extend our reach into the world of blockchain, pioneering transformative opportunities.

MUIAA Finance: Nurturing Dreams

Our financial arm is driven by a lead qualification system that efficiently ranks leads, enabling productivity. Empowering both individuals and businesses, we have facilitated access to capital, expert guidance, and nurtured sustainable development. We believe in "Harambee" - pulling together to achieve common goals.

MUIAA Blockchain: Shaping the Future

At MUIAA, We harness the power of Blockchain, a decentralized and secure digital ledger, to transform industries like, fintech, real estate and dairy farming supply chains through decentralized solutions. Our commitment to transparency and security aligns with Kenya's vision for a digital future.

Our Mission Is

Is to Empower Individuals and Businesses with Blockchain and Innovative Financial Solutions.


We Are MUIAA Limited

Fintech  Solutions
Blockchain Solutions
MUIAA Tokenization

FINTECH Solutions: MUIAA Pesa

MUIAA Pesa is the financial arm of MUIAA Ltd. It is a digital lending platform were we bring both lenders and borrowers together to offer our quality lead generation services. At  MUIAA Pesa, our rigorous lead qualification tasks include  matching borrowers with finance solutions such as personal loans, business loans, and mortgages.


MUIAA Feeds is a cross-border cattle feed distribution enterprise that utilizes blockchain technology, specifically the XDC, to optimize the dairy farming supply chain. By ensuring quality assurance through feed testing and harnessing blockchain for transparency and efficiency in the dairy industry. MUIAA Feeds platform is designed to promote safety and traceability in dairy products.
MUIAA RWA introduces a groundbreaking tokenization model in Kenya's real estate sector, tackling issues like land fraud and enhancing transaction efficiency. By fractionalizing real estate assets into digital tokens, MUIAA promotes accessibility and transparency for investors. This innovative approach aims to boost liquidity, fractional ownership, combat inflation, and revolutionize real estate investment in Kenya.


MUIAA Ltd is supported by a range of investors and partners.

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